Koelbel Building

As part of the University of Colorado - Boulder's expansion of their LEGO campus Imagine Rigney built the Koelbel Building, which is part of the business school. The full scale model has an incredible amount of detail, from the richly colored walls to the structure of the dome.

Linnaeus University

O Wingård received his first LEGO commission from the Skanska construction company. The model depicts the future campus of Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. The university contains over 25,000 pieces and the real version is on track to be completed in 2020. You can read more about the model and future campus, here.


Anthony Forsberg designed a detailed model of Zura Hall of San Diego State University. The model, which even includes the room he lived in (represented by a white window), won "Best Building" at Brickslopes 2016.

WMU East Hall

One of David Kohrman's most anticipated projects is a replica right from his hometown of Kalamazoo. The project, which had been in the works for over five years, was not seriously planned until July 2015. East Hall was the first building of Western Michigan University and opened in 1904. Currently David's model is on display at the Kalamazoo … Continue reading WMU East Hall