Old Lighthouse

Inspiration from online resources and movies (think Pirates of the Caribbean) inspired DominikQN to create an old lighthouse. The build uses over 2000 pieces and includes a roof over the lighthouse keeper's residence that is uses fully functional lifting mechanism.

Barn Find

Norton74's latest build is an unexpected barn find. Inside the barn is a collector's dream of a Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix. The barn itself is made exclusively of dark gray and brown tiles and features some nice details such as the telephone pole and farm equipment.


Tim Schwalfenberg built a visually stunning lighthouse from The Lighthouse: A Novel (1860) written by  Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell. The build is highly detailed with the great texture of the lighthouse, rocks and pathways, and loose water elements.

Service Station

Ymarilego's latest addition to their seaside village models is a service station. The station has 2145 pieces and has an apartment on the second story. The model also comes with a tow truck and motorbike, and two mechanics ready to fix in broken vehicle.