Red Rocket

Allan Corbeil brings us an incredibly gritty rendition of an abandoned Red Rocket truck stop from the video game Fallout 4. Though perfectly capturing the retro futuristic look of the originally building, the best parts are the decayed details sprinkled throughout, such as the broken glass in the windows and using the bottom of bricks … Continue reading Red Rocket

AGIP Gas Station

During the 1960's AGIP was the most important gas company in Italy. Norton74 recreated the classic gas station, complete with a light truck, vespas, and the infamous six-legged dog logo.

Hong Kong Star Ferry & Skyline

While the focus of Anakin Skywalker 2012's model is the Hong Kong Star Ferry, I would like everyone to take a moment and appreciate the skyline in the background. Such famed buildings as the International Commerce Center and HSBC Headquarters are constructed with great techniques.

25 de Abril Bridge

Da Silva rendered the beautiful 25 de Abril Bridge, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The 776 piece model uses fence elements to create the appearance of trusses. The bridge is also located near the larger than life Christ the King statue.