TBT – Hearthstone Bakery

Several years ago Jme Wheeler submitted the Hearthstone Bakery to LEGO Ideas. While the project reached fizzled at 6,700 supporters, the modular did not go unnoticed and continues to be an inspiration to many builders.

TBT – Works of Pete Strege

Though Pete Strege hasn't shared a creation in nearly a year his work remains very impressive. Several outstanding modulars and MOCs have been built by Pete, including Apple Square University, Fountain Castle, Green Gables Stadium, and Spy Spire.

TBT – Midtown Condos

It's been over a year since I posted a Throwback Thursday (TBT) post! Back in 2011 wooootles built an amazing condo building, located in a midtown LEGO city. The contemporary architecture incorporates traditional elements which makes for a very inviting residence.

TBT – Japanese Landmarks

Visiting Japan soon? Be sure to visit these architectural landmarks when you make the trip! Torii Gate - bigboy99899 (2013) Location: Nationwide Kinkaku-ji - Carson Hart (2012) Location: Kyoto Himeji Castle - Andrew Becraft (2010) Location: Himeji Nakagin Capsule Tower - SPACE, TIME & REALITY (2009) Location: Tokyo Osaka Castle - jjukjang (2016) Location: Osaka Palace Side Building - Melvin Lee (2015) Location: Tokyo Tokyo … Continue reading TBT – Japanese Landmarks