US Bank Tower – Update

Rocco Buttliere updated his 2011 model of the US Bank Tower. The 1x1 columns were previously unsupported but now are attached every few floors by 1x5 technic plates. Additionally some street level details have been updated as well as the red US Bank logo.

Empire State Building

Jussi Koskinen's version of the Empire State Building is like the model in the official New York City Skyline, only much larger (and better). The 1/1400 scale model extensively uses grille tiles, as in Jussi's previous model of the Willis Tower.

New Micropolis Buildings

Tom continued to add to his Micropolis layout by adding two more buildings, both inspired from Chicago architecture. The first building is inspired from the Century Building while the second is inspired from the Consumer Building (both located on S State St). Ironically each of the Micropolis builds is named after the inspiration for the other.