PSFS Building

City Blocks designed the PSFS Building for the ArchBrick/BriXtar Skyscraper Challenge. The Philadelphia skyscraper, currently known as Loews Philadelphia Hotel, is built in 1:650 scale and has some pretty nifty details.

Three Skyscrapers

For the ArchBrick/BriXtar Skyscraper Challenge aukbricks entered three skyscrapers, each more beautiful than the next. The towers are the Leaf Hotel, a white tower, and the Tower of the Sea. What's your favorite skyscraper?

Two Skyscrapers

Two of Magnus' latest skyscrapers are the Snot, Burp & Moc headquarters and Swebrick Tower. The first build is designed in a brutalist style while the second is an international style building with an art deco train station.

CNA Center

Mark S.' third building (second posted) is the CNA Center, built in 1:1000 scale. The two buildings combine for 1200 pieces and feature extensive use of grille tiles. One of the more hidden details in the construction of columns at street level, which are composed of technic axles.