CNA Center

Mark S.' third building (second posted) is the CNA Center, built in 1:1000 scale. The two buildings combine for 1200 pieces and feature extensive use of grille tiles. One of the more hidden details in the construction of columns at street level, which are composed of technic axles.

Empire State Building

Rocco Buttliere  and Spencer Rezkalla continue to inspire a generation of LEGO architecture builders. Most recently Mark S. built a 1:1000 scale Empire State Building, and though it has great detail the model is a break from the 1:650 scale of Rocco's and Spencer's models.

Corporate Plaza

wooootles' third skyscraper is Corporate Plaza, a 10 story office building located in the Wasabi district. The 5,000 piece model is built in a Modern style, emphasized by the strong but clean vertical lines.

Office Skyscraper

The Montgomery Ward Tower (Chicago) inspired /zux to create their own skyscraper. The building is actually the what of many stages, as the body of the tower eventually combined with a crown and base to form a historic style skyscraper.