Simon NH's Blacksmith model is wonderfully designed in a medieval architectural style. In addition to the nicely crafted building the landscape "chaotic in nature" provides a nice, colorful contrast within the scene.

Furniture Shop

Michael J. built a highly detailed furniture shop located in an urban setting. The four story building is full of street level details, including scaffolding, electrical poles and street lights.


Gzu Bricks built a 7-Eleven Konbini, or convenience store commonly found in Japan. When I visited Japan I often found myself in a 7-Eleven for a cool drink or quick snack, and never had to wander too far to find one from my hotel (they're literally everywhere).

Parisian Alley

Brickenberg continues to his expand Modular Pedestrian Street project by adding a Parisian Alley system. The addition includes a bakery, artist's workshop, cafe, cheese shop, fashion boutique, and another great project. Head on over to LEGO Ideas to see the full plot, and if you enjoy the series be sure to vote!