Stone Haus Tavern

Erin Toepfner displayed her amazing Stone Haus Tavern this past weekend at Brickfair Virginia. Her use of plates, masonry bricks, and round plates creates an amazingly rustic brick look that perfectly compliments the more subdued half timbered upper floors. The detailed gardens and minifigures make the tavern cozy and inviting.

Bavarian Beer Hall

Inspired from a recent trip to Munich SEBASTIAN-Z built a Bavarian beer hall. Though hall offers nonalcoholic beer, visitor can enjoys a nearby market and views of the city from the clock tower.

TBT – Hearthstone Bakery

Several years ago Jme Wheeler submitted the Hearthstone Bakery to LEGO Ideas. While the project reached fizzled at 6,700 supporters, the modular did not go unnoticed and continues to be an inspiration to many builders.

Evolution of Queen Victoria

It's not often that we can see how a builder has evolved over a 13 year span, with just one building. By taking ample photos Rob has chronicled his growth as a builder through the Queen Victoria pub, as its seventh version was recently completed.