The Honeycomb Building

Anne Mette V designed a 1:75 scale version of the Honeycomb Building, which is part of the Albany Marina Residences in the Bahamas. The model is distinguished by its honeycomb balconies, each containing a personal pool.

Bavarian Building

Boise Brick built a corner style Bavarian building. The three story modular is quaint and finely detailed, reminiscent of old German architecture.  The building contains a visitor center on the first floor and residence on the upper levels.

Swedish Cottage

aukbricks built a traditional Swedish cottage using around 500 bricks. The model has some impressive details, including the construction of the white fence (interlocking arms) and windows (rotated headlight bricks).

Vanilla House

Sarah Beyer built the Vanilla House, laid out in an L-shaped plan. The modern tan colored residence is cut by an L that uses a mixture tan, gray, and black elements.