Lava House

Sarah Beyer's latest build is the Lava House,  Modern home with a fiery color scheme. The residence is located near a volcano and body of water, creating a beautiful natural landscape.

Grandma’s House

After a mishap at Brickfair 2017 Jme Wheeler found the time to rebuild the quaint grandma's house. The purple home is full of charm, including the lavender siding and interior finishes.

Harvest Time

After three months of hard work Jonatan Svenning completed his model set during the harvest season. The medieval scene includes a home, pigpen, and windmill, along with crops (and pigs) ready to be harvested.

Victorian Modular

Victorian homes are known for their intricate detail and grandeur, all of which are found in Boise Brick's modular. The two story building (with garage) uses a tan palette with white trim and accents that make a great residence.