Brick Bank

Paul Trach built Brick Bank, an entry for the LUG Rogue Bricks contest. The western style building is full of subtle details, from cupcakes to whips to gray (gold) bars.

Works of Rafael Vargas

It's always nice to see what builders can create with a limited color palette. Over the last several months Rafael Vargas has produced several LEGO Architecture Studio inspired builds. For even more photos be sure to visit his photostream. 4x4 House - Designed by Tadao Ando

886 Building

886 N 46th St is the site of the latest building in Pluppsala, the fictional city designed by the Swebrick community. The model was submitted by Magnus for the piece of the month challenge, using the 3x4 modified tile.

Shaw Court

Murray Thompson constructed a 7500 piece model of Shaw Court, a 12 story office building in Calgary, Canada. The contrasting colors of red and tan really makes the office complex pop, as well as the street level details.