Art Deco Delight – 10260 Downtown Diner

If, like me, you've been dying for something more modern from the Modular Buildings theme, then you're in luck!  LEGO just announced the Downtown Diner, available January 1st and it truly is an art deco delight!  The brightly colored palette is beautifully accentuated along numerous semi-circular curves, including a dramatic awning and corner window through … Continue reading Art Deco Delight – 10260 Downtown Diner

LEGO Shanghai Skyline set revealed!

LEGO Architecture 21039, Shanghai, has been revealed in a WeChat post! At 597 pieces, this is the largest set of the LEGO Architecture "skyline" subtheme yet and looks to be consistently-scaled with both 2017's Chicago and 2016's New York City. One of the most interesting techniques in this model appears to utilize 3x3 quarter-circle technic liftarm elements … Continue reading LEGO Shanghai Skyline set revealed!