History Museum

Bricky_Brick designed and rendered an amazing History Museum. The museum covers various time periods and contains  the tomb of Anubis, the Discobolus of Myron, the Sunflowers of Van Gogh, and many more historical items. The three story modular is also loosely inspired from the movie "A Night at the Museum".

Museum of Mystery

The Museum of Mystery is another great creation by OrientExpress26. The building is half museum, half collection of curiosities and contains over 2400 pieces. Inside you can find many curious elements such as a Venus de Milo statue, jewels and Ella (the owner) herself.


wrtyler, free of summer distractions, continued working on the National Gallery of Art (NGA) located in Washington DC. The museum will require 450 clear cheese slopes, which is why it is yet to be completed.

Old Winter Museum

One of my favorite LEGO Ideas builders, Namirob, built and rendered an old winter museum. The three story building is nestled deep in a pine forest, and can be explored further by removing the modular floors.