Simon NH's Blacksmith model is wonderfully designed in a medieval architectural style. In addition to the nicely crafted building the landscape "chaotic in nature" provides a nice, colorful contrast within the scene.

Furniture Shop

Michael J. built a highly detailed furniture shop located in an urban setting. The four story building is full of street level details, including scaffolding, electrical poles and street lights.

Modular High School

Luke Lyons' latest civic project is a modular high school. The school is inspired from 1920s-30s architecture and contains about 2600 pieces. Inside you will find four classrooms, a library, principal's office and other rooms spread out across two floors.

Road to Rivendell

Etel Enzos recreated scenes from the first half of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The model begins in The Shire, travels through Old Forest, followed by the Brandiwine river, the village of Bree, Weathertop and finally Rivendell.