The Great Wall

ForlornEmpire constructed a portion of the Great Wall of China for the Time Isles Collab at BrickCon 2017. The wall has great texture due to the alternating array of light gray, dark gray and dark tan colors.

A’ Famosa

Yoong Shirley built two replicas of A'Famosa, one of the oldest surviving Portuguese structures in Malaysia. Originally built in 1511 the fortress was designed to hold off nearby invaders. The models, particularly the larger one, does a great job of portraying the ruinous nature of the structure.

Colonial Fort

For the Brethren of the Brick Seas on Eurobricks Ayrlego built a quick but effective colonial fort. The fort uses only a few dozen pieces but is highly successful in its parts usage.

ArchBrick Extra!

Attention! david zambito built a micro air force base for a display at the Geneseo Warplane Museum. The model features some cool building techniques such as the chain link fence and airplane hangar. Though the landscape is a bit too colorful, it's still a great model!