Wheaton College

Paul Vermeesch recently completed a two year commissioned model of Wheaton College. The 3'x4' (0.9m x 1.2m) model has over 15,000 and will be housed in the campus admissions office. Though not necessarily visible at first glance, the college has many subtle curves and angles that make for a challenging yet satisfying build.

Micro Cities by Jeff Friesen

Jeff Friesen builds incredible micro cities using various techniques to portray different styles and time periods. His works pack a large amount of detail into a 20x20 stud footprint that includes skyscrapers, bridges and rivers. Some of the architectural styles portrayed are Art Deco, futuristic and the Gilded Age.

Micro Monastery

alego alego built a wonderful micro monastery.  The water is made up of clear and blue transparent diamonds and the monastery rests on a small rocky island. One of my favorite parts usage of the model is the crutch doorway, seen at the base of the building.

US Bank Tower – Update

Rocco Buttliere updated his 2011 model of the US Bank Tower. The 1x1 columns were previously unsupported but now are attached every few floors by 1x5 technic plates. Additionally some street level details have been updated as well as the red US Bank logo.