Two Skylines

I haven't blogged any skylines lately so here are two from San Jose City (Costa Rica) and Toronto. The San Jose City skyline, built by LegoFan_506, includes the National Museum & Democratic Plaza, Costa Rican Department of Social Security and Culture Plaza, National Theater, and Metropolitan Park and National Stadium. tfcrafter1's Toronto skyline includes First Canadian Place, Toronto City Hall, CN Tower, … Continue reading Two Skylines

Micro Ninjago City

aukbricks rendered a tiny version of LEGO's official Ninjago City set. The model uses about 560 pieces and does a great job of incorporating colors and the feel of its larger counterpart.


wrtyler, free of summer distractions, continued working on the National Gallery of Art (NGA) located in Washington DC. The museum will require 450 clear cheese slopes, which is why it is yet to be completed.

More Separator Builds

Joe Gan has built even more models using the brick separator as the seed element. His current landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler Building, Mercury City Tower (Moscow), the Central Mid-Levels Escalator (Hong Kong), and The Kaminarimon Gate. I also appreciate the lighting of the photos, which corresponds with the accompanying image.