New Micropolis Buildings

Tom continued to add to his Micropolis layout by adding two more buildings, both inspired from Chicago architecture. The first building is inspired from the Century Building while the second is inspired from the Consumer Building (both located on S State St). Ironically each of the Micropolis builds is named after the inspiration for the other.


HG DEBRIS replicated a model of Bercy, or the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, located in Paris. The Micropolis scale model is quite large but does capture the likeness of the building.

886 Building

886 N 46th St is the site of the latest building in Pluppsala, the fictional city designed by the Swebrick community. The model was submitted by Magnus for the piece of the month challenge, using the 3x4 modified tile.

Renaissance Schaumburg

Paul Wolfe model the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, host of Brickworld Chicago convention. In addition to the well detailed hotel, the landscape and and road designs are fantastic. The model earned a nomination for best youth creation at Brickworld Chicago 2017.

Piloti House

Magnus built the Piloti House for a Swebrick building challenge. The monthly challenge involves using the Technic Pin 1/2 with 2L Bar Extension (also known as the Flick Missile). Magnus uses the Flick Missile as pilotis to prop up the seaside home.