Every LEGO city needs a library, and NikBrick2000's model is as good as it gets for a quality addition. The two story library uses modern architecture to illuminate various interior spaces, including a checkout station, central staircase and a children's room.  

Library of Alexandria

o0ger has built the fascinating Library of Alexandria for the Marchitecture competition. For those who aren't aware, the actual building is a commemorative stand-in of the library of antiquity, and was designed by Norwegian architecture firm, Snøhetta.  This micro model certainly lives up to the real thing!

Modern Library

Continuing our recent theme of libraries, tydanv built the contemporary home of the LEGO City Public Library. The modern design encompasses a simple aesthetic that creates the perfect space to find a book. As a library employee I feel bad for the guy at the front desk; it looks like he has $15.00 in fines!

Modular Library

This is not your mother's library. Łukasz Libuszewski designed an interesting library that intertwines an eclectic mix of architecture and technique. The traditional vs contemporary facade creates an amazing build, which is even more impressive considering the use of angled plates, rod elements and transparent bricks.