Modular Library

ArchBrick has blogged many modular libraries, and each one has been exceptional, including Legoboy9247's own version. The three story building was designed in a Romanesque style, and contains a grand staircase, reference desk, and of course, bookshelves.

The Queen’s Brick

Take in a good brew and a good book at The Queen's Brick. The three story modular, built by Filip Olin, contains a pub on the first level and a private cub and library on the upper floors. The English style modular is also Filip's first large scale build.


Every LEGO city needs a library, and NikBrick2000's model is as good as it gets for a quality addition. The two story library uses modern architecture to illuminate various interior spaces, including a checkout station, central staircase and a children's room.  

Library of Alexandria

o0ger has built the fascinating Library of Alexandria for the Marchitecture competition. For those who aren't aware, the actual building is a commemorative stand-in of the library of antiquity, and was designed by Norwegian architecture firm, Snøhetta.  This micro model certainly lives up to the real thing!