Micro Disneyland

Experience the magical world of Disneyland with Tim Karl's micro map of the theme park. The 2200 piece model includes ride from multiple Disney parks, including the Tower of Terror (from Disney Studios), Space Mountain (Disneyland), Mickey Wheel (Disney California Adventure), and Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland).

Planetary Outpost

CaptainMutant continues to add to his Planetary Outpost, posted on LEGO Ideas. The 1978 piece model (a nod to the release of the Classic Space theme) features removable roof and walls, and loads of space details in a 21st century addition.

Modular Library

ArchBrick has blogged many modular libraries, and each one has been exceptional, including Legoboy9247's own version. The three story building was designed in a Romanesque style, and contains a grand staircase, reference desk, and of course, bookshelves.

Jungle Temple

Remember the Temple in the Jungle? Jonas Wide ('Gideon') has taken a portion of the model to LEGO Ideas in a smaller, yet still impressive form of a Jungle Temple. The temple uses a great mix of browns, greens, and tan to create a very detailed and textured model.

Oscar’s Wheels

Head on over to Oscar's Wheels for your next oil change or tire rotation. Mention "ArchBrick" and get a 10% discount! Bricky_Brick's service shops makes cars run like new and is the best place in town. Three story modular is composed of two buildings that have removable walls for interior play.

Himeji Castle

LeonAwesome submitted a micro Himeji Castle to LEGO Ideas. The castle, located in Japan, rests atop a hill and has a network of 83 buildings. The LEGO version extensively uses cheese slopes on the roof and round tiles to create the base.