Unfinished Business

martyns created a 2-1 set, featuring a house under construction and a completed residence. The finished house has one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. The set uses 1100 pieces and was built in effort with martyns' young son.

Alcázar – Orange Courtyard

An Alcázar is a type of Moorish castle built in Spain and Portugal during Muslim rule. penpen2012's digital model is inspired from Reales Alcázares de Sevilla and Royal Alcazars of Seville, and contains 1755 pieces. The best part of the model is the use of turntable elements, which are used as tracery details.

Old Lighthouse

Inspiration from online resources and movies (think Pirates of the Caribbean) inspired DominikQN to create an old lighthouse. The build uses over 2000 pieces and includes a roof over the lighthouse keeper's residence that is uses fully functional lifting mechanism.

Captain Rob’s Wharf

RobenAnne is back at it again with his latest model, Captain Rob's Wharf. The 1870 piece makes a perfect addition to his sea village theme, as the modular includes a main room, kitchen and old shed. In addition the wharf comes with plenty of sea creatures, including a crab, starfish and seagulls.