Micro Disneyland

Experience the magical world of Disneyland with Tim Karl's micro map of the theme park. The 2200 piece model includes ride from multiple Disney parks, including the Tower of Terror (from Disney Studios), Space Mountain (Disneyland), Mickey Wheel (Disney California Adventure), and Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland).

Three Skyscrapers

For the ArchBrick/BriXtar Skyscraper Challenge aukbricks entered three skyscrapers, each more beautiful than the next. The towers are the Leaf Hotel, a white tower, and the Tower of the Sea. What's your favorite skyscraper?

25 de Abril Bridge

Da Silva rendered the beautiful 25 de Abril Bridge, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The 776 piece model uses fence elements to create the appearance of trusses. The bridge is also located near the larger than life Christ the King statue.

Modular Library

ArchBrick has blogged many modular libraries, and each one has been exceptional, including Legoboy9247's own version. The three story building was designed in a Romanesque style, and contains a grand staircase, reference desk, and of course, bookshelves.