DA3 Capitol Building

The DA3 (Decisive Action 3) world conquest game on MOCpages has prompted builders to create a capitol building. Mark B.'s MOC for his city of Brewtopia uses inverted plates to create windows and details for the capitol building.

Swedish Cottage

aukbricks built a traditional Swedish cottage using around 500 bricks. The model has some impressive details, including the construction of the white fence (interlocking arms) and windows (rotated headlight bricks).

The Guarded Inn

Over the last nine months Ben Andrews hasn't had much time for building outside of re-engineering the 18,500 piece Guarded Inn. The spectacular digital model was originally designed by ✠ Corvus Auriac MOCs ✠, and now has a nearly 1700 page instruction booklet.

Uppsala Town Hall

The building housing Uppsala Town Hall was constructed in 1645, however it was used as a private palace until 1710. aukbricks' version of the Swedish town hall is built in three sections, and contains 13,000 pieces.