More Separator Builds

Joe Gan has built even more models using the brick separator as the seed element. His current landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler Building, Mercury City Tower (Moscow), the Central Mid-Levels Escalator (Hong Kong), and The Kaminarimon Gate. I also appreciate the lighting of the photos, which corresponds with the accompanying image.


After a bit of fussing and putzing robbytimmermans was able to build Atomium, a unusual landmark in Brussels, Belgium. Each sphere has a 1x1 brick with knobs on four sides holding the dishes in place, as well as dishes interlocked with 1x1 plates.

World Peace Gate

OliveSeon rendered the World Peace Gate, a symbol of peace for the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, South Korea. The model manages to perfectly capture the monumental architecture, including the mural on the underside of the roof entitled "A Painting of Four Spirits".

Statue of Liberty

It's really hard to not enjoy the work of Jet Kwan. His models are always well photographed, composed, and just plain awesome. Jet's latest build is the Statue of Liberty, an intricate and detailed model. I'm not quite sure how he figured out the angles of the design but the New York icon is simply stunning!

Arch of Constantine

Doug Hughes built an incredibly large and awesome model of the Arch of Constantine. The model was built as part of a collaboration for Bricks Cascade, called "The Time of Isles". In addition to the impressive scale the arch boasts tons of cool details which are too cool for pictures.