Juraj Švec built the first component of a three part series, consisting of a warehouse and resting place. The multi-colored tiles used on the roof and especially the door of the warehouse makes for a really neat model.

Warehouse Life

Norton74's "Warehouse Life" was commissioned by a leading German pallet truck and forklift manufacturer. Three different scenes were created that show the warehouse in action; unload/upload, storage and picking. The three subjects also serve as the manufacturer's advertising campaign.

Hydroelectric Dam

This model of a dam was directly inspired from the infamous Hoover Dam in the southwest region of the United States. HG DEBRIS's three year journey to complete the MOC originally began as a study in curves, but has progressed into a wonderful fully finished model.

Medieval Windmill

fishingtwister built a working medieval windmill. The 2250 piece model has a difficult construction due to the mesh of cobblestone pieces. While the build appears fragile it is assured pretty sturdy. fishingtwister is also the creator of the 10,000 person supported model of the medieval watermill, currently in review.