Once Upon a Time

vincentkiew created recreated a scene of Master Wu and his love during their younger years. The scene is set inside an Asian temple, which is wonderfully constructed. One of my favorite parts of the temple is the subtle use of 1x1 round gray tiles placed inbetween two studs.

The Blue Church

St. Elizabeth Church in Bratislava (Slovakia), or the Blue Church, is neither famous or significant, but is very blue. The Jiral designed the Blue Church in its Hungarian Secessionism architecture style (similar to Art Nouveau), and did a great job in capturing its essence in a small scale.

Micro Monastery

alego alego built a wonderful micro monastery.  The water is made up of clear and blue transparent diamonds and the monastery rests on a small rocky island. One of my favorite parts usage of the model is the crutch doorway, seen at the base of the building.