Bagan Monument

Recent Asian travels inspired a few works for Arthur Gugick, including a Bagan (Myanmar) inspired structure. The ancient city is known for its hundreds of Buddhist monuments, soaring with beautiful spires.

Cathedral Golem

Meet Steve. Steve is a cathedral golem, built by Caleb Flutur for the Summer Joust contest. If a church ever turned into a transformer, this is the result.

Golden Temple

Kam Singh is in the process of packaging a custom 3,200 piece LEGO version of Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) for distribution. The temple is located in Amritsar, India, and is one of the most important pilgrimage site of Sikhism.

Hagia Sophia

Rocco Buttliere completed an outstanding 4,000 piece version of Hagia Sophia, located in Istanbul, Turkey. The earth tone palette (sand colors and grays) really makes the architectural components of the 1:650 scale model pop. Of note is the construction of the main dome, which uses Droid legs and sausages to complete the roof.

Gothic Church

I'm sure most folks have seen Legonardo Davidy's Gothic church, but it's too good not to blog. There are no words to describe the detail and texture of the model, so have a look for yourself below. (I will say I enjoy the spire!)