Mini Disney Castle

While play's work is often digital, recently they have completed physical models of their work. On display here is a brilliant Disney Castle, and the photography is just as good (if not better) than the model.

Castle Lorinean (Update)

Fraser Ratzlaff took some updated photos of his Castle Lorinean (Castle in the Clouds), inspired from LEGO: A Love Story. The tower is larger than life, as stands 9 feet (2.7m) in height, and uses an estimate of 35,000 pieces.  

Himeji Castle

LeonAwesome submitted a micro Himeji Castle to LEGO Ideas. The castle, located in Japan, rests atop a hill and has a network of 83 buildings. The LEGO version extensively uses cheese slopes on the roof and round tiles to create the base.  

Cliffside Castle

amenk sachio built an incredible cliffside castle that is worthy of many views. The castle seemingly is southeast Asian influenced and beautifully integrated into a cliff and edge of a sea.