Classical Castle (WIP)

Mihai Marius Mihu's castle is shaping up to be a fantastic project. Rising from a base of greenery is a classically influenced castle, consisting of headlight and axle hole brick buildings, alongside columned structures.

Dawnwood Castle

LegoLord. and some friends built one of the greatest castle displays ever made. Dawnwood Castle is not just large but well detailed across the entire model. I especially like the multicolored trees and the construction of the castle.

Lichtenstein Castle

The famed Lichtenstein Castle (located in Germany) presents a challenge when building with LEGO. Isaac S. accepted the challenge and completed a great version for the Marchitecture contest. The amazing rock formations, columns, tower and grille bridge makes the model one to beat.

Walled Buildings

During the medieval ages villages and buildings were often walled to protect from outside enemies. Two great examples are Aaron Newman's seaside castle and the Market of Rincon by Jako of Nerogue. While the models vary in scale, both illustrate the care the people took to protect themselves during the turbulent period.