Ancient Temple

W. Navarre's latest build is an Ancient Temple, built for the Colossal Battle Contest. The pyramid temple was not inspired from any particular design, but from a wide assortment of Meso-American temples and ruins. The model reminds, especially in the last image, reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!


P. Andrei constructed a micro model of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The ancient Greek structure was built between 353-350 BCE as a tomb for Mausolus.

Arch of Constantine

Doug Hughes built an incredibly large and awesome model of the Arch of Constantine. The model was built as part of a collaboration for Bricks Cascade, called "The Time of Isles". In addition to the impressive scale the arch boasts tons of cool details which are too cool for pictures.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

BrickBelt built one the seven ancient wonders, the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The rendered model uses around 500 pieces and stand 9" (23cm) in height. While the build is pretty straightforward there are some nice detail elements, including the golden frogs and telescopes.