Aztec Pyramid

Przemysław Czarnik built an ancient Aztec pyramid. The pyramid is constructed in three layers and uses a combination of grays and greens to achieve a jungle-themed effect.

Jungle Temple

Remember the Temple in the Jungle? Jonas Wide ('Gideon') has taken a portion of the model to LEGO Ideas in a smaller, yet still impressive form of a Jungle Temple. The temple uses a great mix of browns, greens, and tan to create a very detailed and textured model.

Forum of Augustus

Antonio Cerretti added to his model of the Forum of Augustus, adding to arches (including the Arch of Drusus) to the sides. While the entire model is well detailed I particularly enjoy the frieze, which depicts Roman figures.

Chichen Itza

1soko built a great model of the Temple of Kukulcan from the Chichen Itza complex, of the Ancient Mayans. Upon a closer look you can see the difficulty of building the stepped pyramid, due to the complex angles of the steps.

Temple in the Jungle

Another day, another great build by Jonas Wide ('Gideon'). For another round of the Brethren of the Brick Sea challenge Jonas modeled a temple in the jungle. The construction of the temple in phenomenal, however what makes the model is the dense vegetation, built using a wide variety of techniques.