Town of Khevroa

Isaac Snyder's latest is an artfully put together fantasy town. The nine structures fit together flawlessly, and each feature their own unique design elements. Particularly eye catching are the open studs trimming the light bluish grey building and the open anti-studs giving texture to the exterior of the medium blue building.

The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is dl_bricks' first modeled share on Flickr. The four story modular was recently remodeled, however Art Deco remnants are found in the lobby. A mix of modern amenities and an elegant ballroom complete the model.

Stone Haus Tavern

Erin Toepfner displayed her amazing Stone Haus Tavern this past weekend at Brickfair Virginia. Her use of plates, masonry bricks, and round plates creates an amazingly rustic brick look that perfectly compliments the more subdued half timbered upper floors. The detailed gardens and minifigures make the tavern cozy and inviting.