Top 5 – Modular Buildings

The release of the LEGO modular building series in 2007 prompted enthusiasts to model their own inspired creations. Since the series’ inception hundred of users have posted their modulars online, with many being equal or better than the official LEGO versions. Though there were many great models to choose from, this Top 5 takes a look at some of the best fan made Modular buildings.

5) Avenue Saint-Jacques

. Snaillad . (February 2013)


The Paris inspired modular is based on the common Haussmann design. The first level houses a cafe and women’s clothing store. There is also an Art Noveau subway metro entrance on the sidewalk. The modular also unhinges to reveal fully completed interior rooms.

4) The West Eagle Grand Hotel

eyescream54 (November 2014)


The dark green modular is reminiscent of an old western luxury hotel. At the ground level unique elements, such as the wings and flames, come together  to form a one of a kind modular building.

3) Train Station

LegoWolf (April 2015)


The modular train station is modeled after early twentieth century European architecture. In addition to the amazing facade details, the station includes a removable roof and back wall and a completed interior. The station was submitted to LEGO Ideas and received 10,000 supporters but was unfortunately rejected for production.

2) Post Office

Palixa And The Bricks (December 2014)


The story behind the post office is actually pretty interesting. In the past the entire building belonged to the post office but budget cuts forced the upper floors to be rented out. The modular now houses a bank and women’s only gym. One of the most stunning techniques is the use of 1×1 plates angled at 45 degrees. The repetition of the pattern creates a great exterior facade more beautiful than the LEGO modular series.

1) Dohodno Zdanie

Utanapishtim (February 2017)


The Dohodno Zdaine is a complex of shops and businesses located in Rousse, Bulgaria. What makes this modular extraordinary is the fact that the entire facade features unique details and patterns. In particular I like the angled tiles near the roof, basically everything else about this building.

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