TBT – De Stijl!

De Stijl, translated as “The Style”, was a Dutch artistic movement from 1917-1931. Architects and artists pushed for the abstraction of elements to black, white and primary colors as well as vertical and horizontal compositions. Using LEGO as a medium the components of De Stijl easily translates into models and projects. This TBT will take a look at some of the best De Stijl LEGO models, spanning both art and architecture.

Schröder House (1924)

The Schröder House (designed by Gerrit Rietveld) was envisioned as a place free of past architectural styles and as a connection between the inside and outside world. The facade features a series of lines and planes, creating and implying individual forms, spatial relationships and depth.

Nick Barrett – 2012


Rens Wisse – 2016


Café De Unie (1924)

Designed by JJP Oud, Café De Unie’s facade was inspired from earlier De Stijl style paintings. Though this building is a prime example of the movement (primary colors, strong horizontal and vertical elements), it is often criticized as being only a “decorative face”.

Hans Flier – 2013


Jan-Albert van Ree – 2006


Red and Blue Chair (1918)

The Red and Blue chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveldhowever the primary colors were not added until 1923. The chair uses simple lines and planes to define various components, which are furthered highlighted through the use of painted primary colors.

Matija Grguric – 2008


Other De Stijl inspired works.

Veynom – 2013


Jeroen – 2012




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