Arsenal Block

While Arsenal Block seems rather normal, many secrets hide in the modular building. Built by koalayummies, the four story modular is used for security intelligence and contains espionage equipment. Historic weapons and gear also can be found.

Sanctuary of Fátima

Da Silva created a beautiful microscale model of the Sanctuary of Fátima, located in Portugal. The model uses 1326 pieces and does a great job at capturing the details in curved colonnade and tower.

Victorian Modular

Victorian homes are known for their intricate detail and grandeur, all of which are found in Boise Brick's modular. The two story building (with garage) uses a tan palette with white trim and accents that make a great residence.

TBT – Works of Pete Strege

Though Pete Strege hasn't shared a creation in nearly a year his work remains very impressive. Several outstanding modulars and MOCs have been built by Pete, including Apple Square University, Fountain Castle, Green Gables Stadium, and Spy Spire.

Micro Pentagon

Boost your Bricks completed a micro version of the Pentagon, located in Washington D.C. The model uses 848 pieces and is only connected to its base on one side, due to its irregular shape. If you enjoy this model instructions are available for sale, here.