Old Gouda Townhall

vboihuynh designed a microscale version of Gouda's old town hall, located in the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest Gothic town halls in the country. The model uses 1136 pieces and a large amount of SNOT techniques.

Ramen Shop

Ben Rose build a fantastic mixed use cyberpunk building with a ramen shop on the first floor. The structure looks like it could have originally been built in the 20th century, with futuristic technological additions made in the future. The most eye catching feature is the tree growing out of a hole in the roof, … Continue reading Ramen Shop


FiliusRucilo built two modular townhouses, inspired from The LEGO Neighborhood by Brian & Jason Lyles. The three story homes are similar in design yet differ through their subtle details.

Castell y Llyn

✠ Corvus Auriac MOCs ✠'s commission of Castell y Llyn uses over 20,000 pieces. The model is quite complex in texture and construction, which was designed in different portions (as seen below).